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 1 Booking your course

1.1   By purchasing the course you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1.2   As soon as A H Training receives payment, an Enrolment Acceptance Form by will be issued to you by email with a course start date.  This email serves as our acceptance under contract law and marks the start of your 7 working day “Cooling off period”, which is explained more fully in section 3 below.

1.2   When we receive your Enrolment Application Form we will reserve you a place on the course and start date of your choice, however, we cannot confirm this place until we have received your payment which will be clearly indicated on the Enrolment Application Form.

1.4   We reserve the right to refuse any application without giving our reasons why and in the event that we do so we will refund any payments that you have made to us immediately.


2       Course Fees and Commencement


2.1   The course fees are clearly labelled on the website on each individual course page.

2.2   If we agree to let you pay by instalments these must be paid by way of either (a) post-dated cheques or Standing Order.  If paying by post-dated cheques these must be sent to A H Training prior to the commencement of your course.  If paying by Standing Order you must provide confirmation from your bank that this has been set up prior to commencement of your course.

2.3   If any instalment payments are not received by the due date (for example if a cheque or standing order is not honoured by your bank) then the full balance becomes due immediately and we reserve the right to suspend your course.


3       Cooling Off, Cancellation and Refunds


3.1   The 7 working day Cooling-Off Period starts when we send you the “Enrolment Acceptance” email.  For the purposes of this clause you are deemed to have received the “Enrolment Acceptance” email on the same day that we send it.

3.2   You may cancel your booking for any reason within 7 working days of receiving the Enrolment Acceptance.  You do not need to tell us why you wish to cancel.

3.3   Cancellation must be in writing by email or letter.  Telephone cancellations cannot be accepted and we do not have a fax number.

3.4   If you do cancel within the 7 working day Cooling-Off Period we will refund any course fees you have paid.  The refund will be made by bank transfer or cheque within 10 working days of receiving your cancellation.

3.5   Once the Cooling-Off Period has expired no refunds will be made under any circumstances even if you choose to withdraw from the course at any time for any reason.

3.6   Your payment schedule must be adhered to regardless of your study pattern or any changes to your study schedule even if such changes are agreed with A H Training.  Even if you take a break from studying you must continue to adhere to the payment plan.

3.7   If you choose to withdraw from the course for any reason whatsoever you must pay any outstanding balance on your course fees immediately.


4       Study Schedule and Time Limits


4.1   All courses have a time frame within which they must be completed (the “Course Time Frame”).  This Course Time Frame will be clearly stated by email within the first 7 days of being enrolled on the course.  Tutor support will be provided for the entire duration of the Course Time Frame but additional charges will be made if you do not complete your course within the Course Time Frame and wish to continue studying.

4.2   The Course Time Frame can be extended to accommodate your personal holidays or to allow for exceptional circumstances but such extensions must be agreed with A H Training in advance.

4.3   If we do not receive any coursework or contact from you for 3 weeks we reserve the right to terminate your course as we will deem that you no longer wish to study the course.  In this event any outstanding course fees must be paid immediately.


5       Equipment


5.1   You are responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate computer software, computer hardware, and internet access necessary for completing the course.

5.2   A H Training cannot be held responsible for unsatisfactory completion of your course due to failure on your part to provide the necessary equipment and materials as in 5.1 above.


6       Exam and Assessment Fees


6.1   Course fees include A H Training’s own exams where these are available for a particular course but do not include other Awarding Body exam and assessment fees.  Awarding Bodies include the likes of OCR.

6.2   You will need to pay Awarding Body exam and assessment fees to A H Training when you wish to register your assessment entry with the relevant Awarding Body or enter for Awarding Body exams.  We then pay the Awarding Bodies and exam centres.

6.3   A H Training cannot accept any responsibility for the level of fees or any changes to the fees for Awarding Bodies and exam centres as we have no control over those fees.

6.4   Whether or not you choose to sit your exams at A H Training or at an alternative approved test centre you are entirely responsible for organising and paying for any travel, accommodation and ancillary arrangements to enable you to take your exams and A H Training can accept no responsibility for the consequences of a failure on your part to make such arrangements.


7       Student Behaviour Standards


7.1   A H Training sets high standards of behaviour for our tutors and staff and expects the same from our students.  We will not tolerate bullying, aggression, rudeness, foul language, abuse or personal attacks in communications from our students.

7.2   In the event that a member of staff is subject to such behaviour by a student we will operate a three stage disciplinary procedure.

7.2.1          Stage 1 is a written first warning

7.2.2          Stage 2 is a written final warning

7.2.3          Stage 3 is termination of the course

7.3   In the event that we reach Stage 3 of this process any outstanding course fees become due immediately and if the course fees have already been paid up in full no refund will be given.


8       Remedy, Governing Law and Jurisdiction

8.1   These terms and conditions and any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with their subject matter are governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England.

8.2   The courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these terms and conditions.


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